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Solabiol Boltac Grease Bands Fruit Tree Protection from Insects SBM


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Many ornamental trees, deciduous tree leaves, blossom, fruitlets, and shrubs fall subject to the extensive damage done by winter moth caterpillars, affecting crop yields and quality, with severe attacks leaving plants weak.

A traditional way to prevent this is to use these effective grease bands, which trap wingless pests and prevent them from climbing up the trunks of trees before they can reach the branches, lay eggs, and begin devouring.


Protect fruit and ornamental trees from female winter moth caterpillars, ants and earwigs

Pesticide free – suitable for organic gardening

Non-drying adhesive – enables continued operation of the trap

Brown wire included – simply tie the grease band to your tree

Cut to size – will be sufficient to treat approx 15 fruit trees of approximately 30cm circumference

This pack allows you to apply a single application to around 15 trees with a circumference of 30cm, allowing an extra 5cm on each strip to overlap.

If your trees are bigger or smaller then the amount you will be able to protect will alter accordingly.

How to Apply Inside the pack you will find a ready-prepared greased band approximately 5m long, and some brown wire to tie the greased band onto the tree.

The band should be fixed well above the level of any surrounding vegetation to ensure that it is not bridged, which may allow insects to avoid the grease.

Use the band around any supporting tree posts.

To save fruit from winter moth caterpillars apply the bands in autumn and keep in place until the following April.

Apply in summer to trap earwigs and ants as they try to climb the trees.

Specifications Length 5m

Brown wire include